YMVA Welcome and Membership Street Reps

Street Representative
Brookfield Clare Levy and Marcy Frew
Campbell Cres Monika Wang
Donino Ave & Court: Dale Hewat and Tamarra Lennox
Donwood Drive – Upper Laura Isidean
Donwoods Drive – Flat Noreen Peroff
Forest Glen Cynthia Goodchild
Green Valley Road Jennifer Fortier and Karen Stemmle
Ivor Road/Cole Millway Andrea Knutson and Heather Ferguson
Knightswood Road Susanne Holland
May Tree Road Vacant – this could be you!! (please)
Old Yonge Chanda Carr
Plymbridge Cres – Plymbridge Road Annie Katsirus (Road) , Louise Sugar (Road), Tish Brennan Throop (Cres)
St. Margarets Tracy Yang and Gina Shaw and Laura Lamarche
Winton Road and Donwood Drive Paula Dillon
York Valley Cres Monica Wang
Hedgewood Rd  Tamarra Angelides and Roz Nella