YMVA Membership

Why should you become a member of the YMVA ?

Our rate payers’ association has been in place for over 75 years and has developed many strong relationships that we continue to leverage in our attempts to preserve the uniqueness of this community

Donating one’s time to our community is what makes the valley such a unique place to live. Whether it’s for the YMVA and/ or NAG, our collaborative involvement does make a difference.

Renew or become a member

YMVA mission statement

  • To represent the residents of York Mills Valley (Hoggs Hollow) for the purposes of preserving and improving the characteristics of the area related to the comfort, safety and welfare of residents to all levels of government;
  • To maintain liaison with and cooperate with the municipality and the province on matters of common interest to the ratepayers and residents;
  • To inform residents of the area of all existing and pending legislation, bylaws, ordnances and other governmental regulations affecting the area.
  • To promote a strong sense of community amongst our residents and families and provide a voice that represents the interests of all residents.

The YMVA ensures regular communication of neighbourhood news through:

  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) in December
  • Valley Newsletters,
  • Blast emails
  • YMVA website
  • Poster Boards

The YMVA Board also prepares and distributes the annual Valley Directory, welcomes new neighbours and is the key contact with the O.M.B, Counsellors, and many other City departments.

The benefits of Membership include:

  • The right to vote at the AGM
  • Covers costs that arise when dealing with Stormwater Management and Road Improvements
  • Helps other Rate Payer Associations fight development issues with the Committee of Adjustment and TLAB (formerly O.M.B)
  • Subsidizes neighbourhood activities, such as The Valley Fair
  • Covers operating costs of the YMVA