NAG Meeting – 8 pm at 79 Plymbridge Rd.

Neighbourhood Activities Group

N.A.G. Meeting – Sept 11th, 8pm

79 Plymbridge Road

refreshments will be served


Please join us at the NAG Meeting and bring a neighbour – everyone is welcome! We need your help to organize our various neighbourhood social activities and clubs for the coming year. Do you have an idea for a party or club? We welcome your input! There are many opportunities to host an event as well. If you would like to be involved yet not available to join the meeting on Monday, September 11th please contact

Annie Katsiris at




Detailed information regarding our neighbourhood events and clubs, including the Dinner Club sign up sheet, will be available in the Fall issue of the Valley Newsletter that will be delivered at the end of the month.


N.A.G Committee needs a Co-Chair

We are looking for one or two leaders to help co-chair the N.A.G. Committee. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Annie at