Safety Concerns 

Late in the evening of Monday, May 22nd, a group of teenage boys were witnessed, walking through the neighbourhood, lighting firecrackers. A lit firecracker was pushed through the mail slot in the door of a home on Plymbridge. Luckily, the homeowner was there and quickly extinguished the spark, minimizing the damage to the rug that it landed on. Police were called and descriptions of the boys were given.Luckily, greater damage was avoided because someone was home but we are sharing the story as an opportunity to encourage neighbours to report any and all safety concerns they may have with the police in order to keep our streets safe. If you witness any activity on our streets that causes you concern but you are hesitating to call 911 because it isn’t an emergency, there is another number to call, 416-808-2222. This number takes you directly to a police official who will help determine how to proceed in case assistance is needed.

Our neighbourhood has very positive statistics for being safe – let’s keep it that way!